Micron USB Drive Data Recovery

Recover lost files from any pen drive



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Micron USB Drive Data Recovery is a tool thanks to which we will be able to recover any file that was in a pen drive or USB storage device that has been damaged for any reason, may it be external (with limitations) or internal.

Using this program is as easy as connecting the USB device to the computer, double click, select if we want to do a standard or advanced search and finally wait. Depending on the size of the pen drive and how damaged it is the wait might be prolonged for more than 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour, so it´s possible to do any other tasks during the process.

Micron USB Drive Data Recovery is compatible with products like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, Super Flash, Sony, Super media or Toshiba among others; and sustains space levels that ranges from the 64MG (they aren´t produced any more) to 16 MB.

Micron USB Drive Data Recovery is a tool that with a bit of luck no user will have to use, but if he does, it will possibly save the show. Any file in txt, doc, html, pdf, jpeg, gif, bmp, aac, mov, mp3, aiff, mpeg o wma formats will be recovered and saved in the hard drive without problems.

The trial version identifies recoverable files but doesn´t save them.

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